H&M Showroom

Yesterday I stopped by the H&M showroom to pull from there new pre-fall samples for the Daily 10 and Kim. I absolutley love this showroom. I had to take pics to show you how gorgeous this space is. I am seriously like a kid in a candy store everytime I visit this showroom.

I had to get this amazing sequin cropped jacket for Kim.

I scored this long blk suede vest too

You can see me taking a pic!

Look at this gorgeous view from the H&M lounge patio! It was a bit smogy so it was not as clear as it normally is.

Front of the showroom.

This is my girl Pansy Tolou she is the H&M West Coast Public Relations manager. I met her 3 in a half years ago when I first started the Daily 10 and we hit it off right away. It is always good to have good relationships with PR managers because when your in a bind they always take care of you! Especially when you have 1 day to prep for a client or editoral. Pansy has definetly taken care of me and my clients I always can count on her. She is responsible for how amazing this showroom is merchandised. She is holding the dress Deb wore for the show for our Fashion Fridays segment! I will post a pic soon.

This was my rack I pulled. I realized it was a lot of Black! I need to pop some color into my life!

This was my favorite photo out from there Fall 09 campaign! I want to be her :)

I loved Pansy's outfit I had to share it with you! She is wearing Jeans and top by H&M of course she has to represent shoes Steve Madden and she is wearing her grandmothers vintage jewelry!