Update On Kim's BEBE Jacket

I wanted to give you all an update on Kim's BEBE jacket. I have been getting so many comments, tweets and emails on this one. I just got word that they never actually produced this jacket so it's the only one which is a sample and that is the one I pulled for Kim. I am so sorry!!
I had no idea about this and I thought it was available at stores since I pulled it a few months ago. Things like this happen sometimes because designers cut certain styles out of the collection when it goes into production.

However, I did find a very similar one that has the same look. It has the tweed and leather mixed together just like Kim's jacket. It doesn't look as cool in the picture because she is wearing the jacket as a suit.  

Leather Trim Jacket

You just have to be creative and make this jacket look stylish which is so easy. All you need to do is pair it with some ripped cool jeans and a black tank. Also make sure you keep the jacket open and roll the sleeves up just like Kim did. You always have to tweak around with wardrobe to make it look cool! This jacket is a perfect example of that.