School of Style

Attention all you fashionistas out there! Here is something that might interest you! My good friend celebrity stylist Luke Storey started The School of Style which is a series of classes that help you become a stylist. I get so many emails daily asking how to get started in the business and I really wish I could help every single one of you! I truly do but with such a hectic schedule it is hard for me to respond to all my emails. I thought this school was genius because you have a real stylist teaching the important parts of the business.
He not only teaches how to get started in the business but most importantly how to stay in the business. He has an amazing workshop that also takes you around LA and NY to show how we stylists prep for jobs! You will soon realize it's not all the glitz and glamour it seems :) but if you have the passion for it (like a lot of you say you do) then I reccomend you check out the School of Style.

Good luck to all you aspiring stylists out there!!!